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Nice to Meet You!


My name is Alexandra Flores. I grew up in Gonzales, California and lived in Costa Rica, San Fransisco and now Los Angeles. I was able to travel to Costa Rica through a study abroad program called AFS. After that I finished high school and moved to San Francisco to study at the Academy of Art University, I will be graduating with a BFA in Fashion Design Fall 2023. 

At the Academy I began to learn who I was as a designer, I enjoy womenswear and love highlighting the beauty of bodies. Furthermore, through doing research for my senior thesis I found I have a passion for accessories, I like to create a full collections that feature clothes and matching hand bags. 

 I was able to experiment with various fabrics and learned how to sew them. My favorite since the beginning of my college career is leather. I was able to continue to practice my leather skills through leather accessory classes at the Academy as well as doing independant samples and research for my senior collection. 

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